Cardiff Dragons

About The Club

In May 2008, one departing Birmingham Blaze player contacted the South Wales GFSN representative to find out if there were any plans to send a team to the 2008 GFSN Annual Get-together in Liverpool. There weren’t – so he made some.

Playing as Cardiff Sharks, five players came together to represent Wales on a national level. With the excitement and success they experienced that weekend, they formed a club (ditching the ‘Sharks’ name along the way for ‘not being Welsh enough’) and have quickly attracted a squad of players through advertising online, through both their own website and the clever use of social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter.

The Dragons made their first public appearance at Cardiff Mardi Gras 2008, handing out flyers in their shirts, and attracting plenty of interest from the local people, who were impressed with the club’s ethos of equality and inclusion – allowing the club to pick up a number of new members in the process.

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Formed: 2008
Home Kit: Blue
Away Kit: Red

Division: 2
Last Season: 7th (Div2)

GFSN CUP:Preliminary Round

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