GFSN Cup – 2017/2018






The GFSN Cup draw for 2017/2018 has been conducted. Please see the details below.

Preliminary rounds to be played by 30th September

Yorkshire Terriers FC 13 v 0 Bristol Panthers Football Club
Village Manchester Football Club (VMFC) 3 v 0 HotScots FC
Newcastle Panthers FC v BLAGGS (Brighton)
London Leftfooters F.C v East End Phoenix
Mersey Marauders v London Falcons FC

Round of 16 to be played by 28th October

London Romans FC v Cardiff Dragons FC / CPD Dreigiau Caerdydd
Soho FC v Saltire Thistle FC
Birmingham Blaze FC v Devon Lions
London Titans FC v Nottingham Lions
Mersey Marauders or London Falcons FC v London Leftfooters or East End Phoenix
Yorkshire Terriers v Trowbridge Tigers
Leicester Wildecats v Bexley Invicta
Newcastle Panthers or BLAGGS v Village Manchester or Hotscots