There are regional groups of GFSN members throughout the UK. These groups meet regularly to watch or play football, or just to socialise.

Some members offer accomodation to traveling members, which can be very useful for away trips and is a good way of meeting new friends.


The Gay Football Supporters’ Network has formed the GFSN Fangroup Coalition (GFSN FC) to act as an umbrella organisation for LGB&T football supporters’ clubs throughout the UK. The initiative is supported by Kick It Out, Stonewall, and major UK football clubs.

In addition, Tottenham Hotspur FC, Sunderland AFC and Liverpool FC have all agreed to the formation of LGB&T fangroups and are working closely with GFSN FC to launch them in the very near future. The GFSN is calling upon interested supporters of any UK team to make contact through their website if they are interested in seeing an LGB&T fangroup at their club.

The founding members of GFSN FC are:

Gay Gooners – the official LGB&T fangroup of Arsenal FC.

Proud Canaries – the official LGB&T fangroup of Norwich City FC (with Stephen Fry as honorary president).

Canal Street Blues – the official LGB&T fangroup of Manchester City FC.